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Laguna Island

Never Settle!

There are so many beautiful places to travel in the world! It's hard to narrow it down to just a few, but here are some of the most stunning destinations that should definitely be on your bucket list

Pack Your Bags!

Next up is Norway's Fjords. These majestic natural wonders are truly something to behold. With their towering peaks and glistening waters, they're sure to take your breath away.


Many people think of travel as an experience and rightly so. Sometimes, however, you cannot choose the places you travel to.

I’ve always enjoyed walking but never in a million years did I imagine I’d end up walking over 200 kilometers (~124 miles) in 10 days, become a fan of walking holidays, and end up developing self-guided hiking routes in Portugal with a local tour operator as part of my business.

Amelia Simpsons

Blogger / Nomad Traveler / Florida

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1-Week East Java Itinerary – Temples, Waterfalls, & Volcanoes

Java, the most populated island of Indonesia, is home to some of the most incredible volcanic landscapes in the world. Central Java and East Java are a must for your Indonesia itinerary.

Planning a trip makes you 8% happier.

Scientific study has shown that the intention itself or the plan to go on a holiday makes vacationers be almost as happy as the trip itself. The study compared vacationers to non-vacationers and the results showed that vacationers had an 8% higher pre-trip happiness score than non-vacationers.

Hamburg is a city with the most bridges in the world.

Crossing a river or non-walkable path is less of a problem in some cities. Hamburg has more than 2300 bridges, the largest number of bridges in the world. Next is Amsterdam with 1281 bridges, New York City with 789, Pittsburgh with 446 and Venice with 391. 

The most expensive cappuccino is in Copenhagen, and the cheapest one in Milan.

Have you thought about how much your love for coffee may cost you in different cities in the world? Well, a cup of cappuccino in an ex-pat area of a city is the most expensive in Copenhagen at $6.3, and the cheapest one is in Milan at $1.7, according to Deutsche Bank Research of 54 cities globally.